The Cabrillo Sessions - 1975

Posted by Jack Smith on

In 1975, a group of kids from the same neighborhood in Morro Bay, California, began venturing to Cabrillo Estates, a lightly developed housing development located in the nearby town of Los Osos. Riding mainly homemade skateboards equipped with Chicago or X-Caliber trucks and loose ball Cadillac wheels, the group really had no business riding the steep, mile long hill called Rodman Drive.

Every weekend Jack, the only one old enough to drive, would load up the crew and head to Cabrillo Estates. Once there the skaters would spend hours figuring out how to make it down the hill without coming off, that's what skateboarding was to them...making it down the biggest, baddest hill you could find without stepping or running off your board.

These photos are from one of the earliest sessions, eventually Jack ended up bombing the hill, reaching a speed of 42mph. His board? A 30" piece of mahogany with Chicago trucks and loose ball Roller Sports wheels. He would replace two of the truck bushing with steel washers, he thought it would help him not get speed wobbles. He would later say, he wasn't sure if that worked, or if he was just lucky, but he never got the wobs. His timing system, a bunch of guys following him down the hill in his 1965 Mustang.

Looking back now, some forty plus years later, one of the things we remember most was the "Long Walk Back Up" and the conversations we had. Mainly we talked of our previous run, but of course being teen aged boys, we talked of sports, surfing, cars and of course girls. The Cabrillo Estates Session crew included Roger Scovill, John and Lawrence Christopher Newland (Larry), Todd and Eric R. Cogdill, Jack and Vince SmithJohn Eckert, Cliff Marshall and Bill Warner.

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